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Jennifer Weithman

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I Love My TN Home!

I've been keeping a secret...


I’ve been keeping a secret…

I’m selfish. I haven’t shared one of the best hidden gem outdoor getaways in Middle TN with y’all. It’s my escape place and it is fabulous –Rat’s Nest Campground http://ratsnestcampground.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ratsnestcampground/?fref=ts Instagram: RatsNestCampground

It’s close, just down the road in Chapel Hill. It’s quiet, on the week days. It’s fun, on the weekends. And you couldn’t find nicer people, too many to name!

Rat’s Nest has riverfront campsites as well as hike in more wooded sites.

It is a primitive camp. For those of you new to camping that means campsite and fire rings, no water, no electric. You can handle it for an overnight! They do have spring fed showers; they’ll wake you up for sure. The do have portalets too and they’re kept well :)

If you’re new to camping keep it simple. Tent sleeping, bags, flashlight, lighter (wood you can buy there), water and drinks, simple food like hotdogs you can cook over and open fire or that you don’t need to cook. Don’t forget your bathing suit because you can splash in the river or go for a river trip with Duck Canoes. Breeze In Deli just down the road has great pizza, BBQ, stuffed potatoes and breakfast sandwiches.

If you’ve been camping for a while it’s a great place to do your thing for a longer stay. Don’t forget your hammock there are many place to hang and rest from your daily routine. Also please share your favorite camping tip and camp food! It’s always great to have new ideas.

If you like live music they put on fantastic concerts on their stage on Howlin’ Hill. You can follow them for concert announcements at https://www.reverbnation.com/venue/howlinhill

For more pictures check out my Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/Jennifer-Weithman-REMAX-Fine-Homes-181377098574535/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1164504230261812

I love Spring Hill and the surrounding towns.  It is a great place to live and explore.  If you need help finding your place to live here, call me at 615.207.2652 or email me at Twinessee@gmail.com

Paddle Your Kids!


I Paddled My Kids

I think everyone should paddle their kids! I took mine just down the road from Spring Hill to Chapel Hill TN to Duck Canoe and we paddled the Duck River for a few hours.

I’ve been canoeing since I can remember and have been taking my kids since they were little.  If you’ve never been I encourage you to give it a try.  It is a great experience for all ages whether you are alone or with your immediate family or a large group of family and friends.  (We did launch the “Allen Armada” one year and had 35 canoes full of my cousins and their kids.  That was more fun than should have been allowed to happen.)

Duck Canoes has canoes and kayaks for rent.  You can also bring your own and pay a small portage fee for them to drive you and your canoe or kayak to the launch spot. You can have 2 people per canoe –3 or 4 if the others are smaller kids.  Details and rates are on the website: http://duckcanoe.net/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Duckcanoe/?fref=ts Instagram: duckcanoe

We did 5 miles.  We got on the water close to 11 am.  We were in no hurry and finished just after 2.  That is with mostly floating down river not paddling and with getting out a couple of times to swim and explore some sandbars.

If you’ve not canoed often (or ever), pack simply. In each canoe we had a smaller cooler with mostly water, sun spray –they are redheads and you have to reapply, a bag of snack mix, and sandwiches in Ziploc box so they don’t smash, get wet or sink if they go overboard. We didn’t bother with towels but left them in the car for afterwards. If you have someone in the middle 3rd seat they’ll be more comfortable sitting on a stadium chair from home rather than the wood bar. The front and back seats are comfortable with adjustable back.  Truth I laid mine back nearly horizontal for quite a while to float.

I lost track of the number of turtles we saw. We also saw a wild turkey and deer. On one of the sandbars there were tons of freshwater mussels. They’re all protected species so don’t kill them.

The weather was perfect, the river was ideal and we had a great day on the Duck. For more pictures check out my Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/Jennifer-Weithman-REMAX-Fine-Homes-181377098574535/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1164504230261812

I love Spring Hill and the surrounding towns.  It is a great place to live and explore.  If you need help finding your place to live here, call me at 615.207.2652 or email me at Twinessee@gmail.com

Days of Wine and Roses




Days of Wine and Roses

Arrington Vineyard the winery, co-owned by Kix Brooks, is a pleasant escape year round but I love sneaking away on a random weekday afternoon in the summer. Located in our backyard, it’s about a 25 minute drive from Spring/Station via State Route 840. It is a great place to take out of town visitors for a summer picnic. And yes, I have brought my children as well although it tends to be an adult escape.

Earlier this month, I had friends in from Chicago and family in from Ohio. We took advantage of a beautiful summer day and went for a family summer escape. We packed fruit, cheese, bread, crackers, chocolate, and water then rounded out our meal with a few of our favorite bottles from our tasting.

Summer afternoons are lazy and enjoyable and not crowded. My friends’ sons brought their guitars and they along with my cousin’s daughter treated us to an impromptu concert. Afterwards the teens played cards, while the adults caught up with each other and shared wine and laughter while enjoying the summer breeze and the sweeping views from the covered deck.

On weekend evenings, Arrington provides the music with Music in the Vines.  It is well attended and also a very pleasant escape.  They have additional parking at the lower vines and golf cart shuttles up to the tasting rooms. The popularity of this venue has grown since it opened in 2007. But it is still one of the little treasures of middle Tennessee that you should know about and visit.

I encourage you to visit and if you have additional questions the Arrington website is very thorough and will most likely answer all of them. www.arringtonvineyards.com

 For more pictures check out my Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Make-My-Move-Jenn-Jennifer-Weithman-REMAX-Fine-Homes/181377098574535

I love Spring Hill and the surrounding towns.  It is a great place to live and explore.  If you need help finding your place to live here, call me at 615.207.2652 or email me at Twinessee@gmail.com

Start Where You End


When canoeing or floating, one of the main challenges is having a vehicle at the start and stop points.  There is a marvelous section of the Harpeth River near Kingston Springs in Middle Tennessee that alleviates this issue for you.  The Narrows of the Harpeth, Bells Bend, is a large oxbow and the river nearly comes back to itself here.  You literally finish about ½ mile easy trail walk from you start.

I try to take the kids here at least once a year for a long lazy tube float. The rangers generally make you get on the river no later than 10:30 am if you are starting from the Narrows (#9 on map). If you get there later than this you will need to put in at the Highway 70 Canoe Access (#5) and take out at Gossett Tract (#6).  You’ll need a car at each end for this or someone to drop everyone at the start, drive to the exit and run back the 1.25 miles to join you at the start.

This is how we do it!

We have found it best to park at our exit spot, the Harris Street Bridge Canoe Access (#10). It is less congested and easier parking here. We also like to grill hotdogs in the parking lot when we finish and are starving.  Bring your own grill etc (including tongs –learn from my mistake J)

Blow up all the tubes and get your sun block on. Grab your water, gear, tubes, and if you have one your waterproof speaker. Head out of the parking lot at the Canoe access and cross Cedar Hill Rd.  You should see the trail to the Narrows put-in almost directly across from the parking lot entrance.  Walk up the hill and then down and the put-in should be in front of you slightly to the left.

That’s all there is to it.  Right before the take out, (5 ½ to 6 hours straight float time later), the river bends to the right around an expansive pebble beach.  Just after this you’ll go under the Harris Street Bridge.  The exit is on the right.

Bring this stuff with you:

  • RIVER tube floats, not pool floats. They run $15-20 at Wal-mart for nice ones with back rest, mesh bottoms, can er cup holders, and handles. You really don’t want to pop a hole in your tube on a float trip so don’t cheap out on this.
  • Car adapter Electric Air Pump (or two). They are generally $10-15 bucks and probably one of the best buys I’ve ever made! They plug into your lighter and blow up and deflate tubes, mattress and such in moments. I did discover you’ll kill your battery if you are blowing up many tubes and don’t leave the car running.
  • Dry back or box for phones etc. (optional)
  • Snacks and drinks (including water) are always good. It’s a long float;  just don’t litter on the river!
  • Sun lotion and chapstick –bring this with you and re-apply. You can learn from my mistake here, again it is a long lazy trip in the sun.
  • River shoes
  • Life vests for little ones (big ones too if it makes you more comfortable.


  • Have I seen snakes?
    • Of course but they’ve always been less than 3’ long and generally less than 1’ and about as big around as my thumb. They’ve never caused me a bit of trouble.
  • What else have I seen?
    • Turtles, tons of turtles! Fish, cows, dogs, birds…it’s a nature trip like any other.
  • Do I have to bring my own float?
  • Are there places to get out and swim or picnic?
    • Yep lots of sandbars etc. just make sure your float is high enough out of the water that it doesn’t leave without you.
  • Are there bathrooms?
    • Not that I have found!

They start as you mean to go on but Start where you Stop makes for a pretty good day too!

For more pictures check out my Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Make-My-Move-Jenn-Jennifer-Weithman-REMAX-Fine-Homes/181377098574535

I love Spring Hill and the surrounding towns.  It is a great place to live and explore.  If you need help finding your place to live here, call me at 615.207.2652 or email me at Twinessee@gmail.com

Foster Falls Hike April 2015


Foster Falls

Foster Falls: Spring 2015 Hike

Well, if you don’t know me yet, you’ll soon learn that I love my home in middle Tennessee and love to get out in the beautiful natural areas around it.  I also love to share these experiences and encourage others to find the beauty of our area.  Easter Sunday I took 3 of my 4 kids on a hike to Foster Falls. (The fourth works at our local theater, which is going to be opening a theater in Spring Hill soon –look for a blog about that when it happens because I, and everyone else in Spring Station have been waiting years for this fantastic event!)

Foster Falls is located over at the Marion/Grundy county line in Sequatchie, TN.  From Spring Hill take 840 E to 124 E exit 134 towards Monteagle.  The state has done a great job with the brown directional highway signs so you can follow them from there.

This hike can be a loop or you can just hike down to the base of the falls and back up. The Climbers’ loop is approximately 2 miles and fairly rugged for the 1st half if you start the way I did (which I’d suggest.) It took us maybe 1 and a half to 2 hours including time to climb rocks and take pics. I’d classify it as moderate.

The hike to the bottom of the falls is maybe 10 minutes it is steep with both rock and railroad tie steps but easy enough. This is a GREAT swimming hole!

Trail head: from parking lot facing picnic tables with restrooms on your right, go LEFT. Cross the wooden walk way and start down the stairs.  Cross the suspension bridge and the waterfall and swimming hole are to the left.  For Climbers’ Loop go right. The trail blaze is white/silver.

There are numerous areas for rock climbing and rappelling (hence the name).  There are also plenty of places to climb about even without rigging. This first half runs along between the base of the cliffs and the water. This is the rigorous part of the hike with rock fields and steps and lots of rises to climb and descend.

Continue on trail until you see a sign that says Climbers Exit 2.  Follow the (very) steep steps up to the cliff top and bear right following the white/silver blaze.  This 2nd half is easy going flat forest trail.  It takes you past the campground area. And back across the water upstream from the falls.  The final section will take you through a Rhododendron or Mountain Laurel path. It was not in bloom this early in the season but will no doubt be gorgeous when it is!

This is a TVA area.  The following is about their campground from their website.

Situated on a level, wooded tract near Foster Falls, the Campground has an on-site manager (who can be contacted at 423-942-5759), 26 campsites, including a handicapped-accessible site; restrooms with heated showers and flush toilets, picnic tables and grills, and a group pavilion available by reservation, toll-free number (866) 494-7186.  Amenities include six tables that will seat 75 people, one large charcoal grill and two small grills, water furnished, handicapped-accessibility, paved parking lot, restrooms nearby. Fee $17 per night, open early April to mid-November. For more information http://www.tva.gov/river/recreation/camping.htm

More pictures are available at my Facebook page, Make My Move Jenn in the Foster Falls April 2015 album… https://www.facebook.com/pages/Make-My-Move-Jenn-Jennifer-Weithman-REMAX-Fine-Homes/181377098574535?ref=hl 

SoHo, Tribeca, SoBro and Spring Station


Identifying real estate areas can sometimes be tricky.  Sometimes it’s not just one zip code, or one town but a combination of a few.

For example in NYC there is "SoHo" which refers to the area south of Houston Street and Tribeca which is the triangle below Canal Street.  Closer to home in Nashville is SoBro or South of Broadway and finally in South Williamson County is my home which is becoming known as Spring Station.  It is an area of Thompson’s Station and Spring Hill.

The name has steadily been increasing in popularity since 2010 when a 2nd Williamson County middle school opened in the area.  Various names were suggested, but Spring Station was fitting and chosen.  The two middle schools serving 6th through 8th graders in Spring Station in Williamson County are Heritage Middle and Spring Station.  Spring Hill Middle School serves 5th through 8th in Maury County.

To find out more about the middle schools, click the picture below. (Another blog with more links for local schools will be coming soon)

Williamson County Schools

Maury County Schools

Spring Station is a fantastic area and my home town.  Follow my blog to find out more about it and why I love it here.  When you fall in love with the area, contact me and we’ll find you home to love here too –Jenn

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